Foreign Finance Bank
a currency exchange provider and investments bonds issuer
We are doing a currency conversion since 2019
Foreign Finance Bank is working in France since year. Company is provider of currency conversion. Our main currency is Euro. Company is an issuer of its own bonds. All funds from bonds program company is using only for liquidity of its own operations for currency convertion with guaranteed profit and zero risk.

Foreign Finance Bank is providing financial services to private persons and legal entities. Bank is FATCA compliant, that is why bank should report IRS USA about all operations of clients from USA.

Foreign Finance Bank implemented advanced AMLD5 compliance program which helps clients of Foreign Finance Bank to avoid suspicious operations.
It is very easy to pay or to be paied in foreign curency if you are working with Foreign Finance Bank. Choose currency you need, press sign of currency, fill in the short form and our staff will get in touch with you within shortest possible time!
Foreign Finance Bank operates accounts in all world-leading currencies. To make exchange faster and cheaper we have to be able to make conversion immediately . For this purpose we need to have liquidity available on our accounts at the moment of convertion.

Foreign Finance Bank is not a player on FOREX! We are not undertaking such unpredictable risk. We use liquidity from bond programs only for our internal operations for currency conversion deals prepaid by our clients! As you undertand this approach let us avoid any risk!

Nevertheless bond programs have fixed terms. That is why for long term bonds you can choose the base currency or trade index to secure your investments and to avoid possible inflation.
Who can be our client
Read this part carefully in order not to waste time for application which will be rejected.
We do not open accounts for financial institutions, forex brokers, any business related to crypto currency, dating agencies, casino, gaming, gambling and betting companies.
Good Standing
We do not open account if your company is older than 18 months and haven't got audited tax report.
Law Suites
We do not open accounts for persons or companies involved in law suites.
We do not open accounts for charity or donations funds.
We do not open accounts for Politically Exposed Persons and their companies.
Due Dilligence
We do not open accounts for jurisdictions where we can not check beneficial owners and tax numbers through open governmental resources.
Which documents you should submit to get account
KYC procedure is very important. We will start KYC procedure only in case we got full set of documents from you.
For Personal Account
All copies should be in color, in high resolution, and contain all 4 angles of your document.
International Passport
Your international passport should be valid within next 6 months as minimum.
ID Card or Residence Permit
Should be not expired. Should indicate your current address. We need scans of front and back sides of your document.
Tax ID
We need copy of document which shows your personal tax number.
Proof of address
It should be any utility bill. Your name and address should be as in your ID card or residence permit. Should be not older than 3 months.
Extract from bank account
It should be extract from your previous or another bank account or screenshot from remote access system of your bank. Should be not older than 3 months..
Should contain your contact details and common information about your skills, work, education.
For Corporate Account
Besides documents listed below for every director and shareholder of your company we should get set of documents as required for personal account application.
Incorporation Certificate
Should be in English or should contain English translation with apostille.
Articles, Memorandum of Incorporation
All pages should be submitted. Should be in English or should contain English translation with apostille.
Last audited financial report
Only for companies older than 18 months. Should be in English or should contain English translation with apostille.
Tax Number
We need copy of document which shows tax number of your company.
Proof of Address
It should be any utility bill. It should be issued on name and address of your company. Should be not older than 3 months.
Registers of Directors and Shareholders
Should be in English or should contain English translation with apostille. Should be not older than 3 months.
Procedure to get account
Push button "sign up"

- Push button SIGN UP.
- Fill in short questionnaire.
- Wait for an answer from our compliance team
with temporary password.
- Use your e-mail address and temporary password as login to our banking system.
- Go to Account Details and change temporary password for new one.

- Using internal messaging system you will get detailed Pricing information and Terms and Conditions.
- Choose services needed by you. Accept Terms and Conditions.
-Upload required documents into the system as described in KYC page.
- Get confirming message about receipt of complete set of documents and start KYC procedure.

- Within 10 working days you will get positive or negative answer from our compliance team.
- In urgent cases we can conduct KYC faster.
- If solution is positive:
- Your personal sales manager conduct with you online conference in order to confirm your identity and to get additional information on money flows.
- Signature of agreement for payment services.
- Get your account. Personal visit is not required.
Live your contacts and we will answer you within 24 hours.
By clicking on the "Call me back" button, I agree that Foreign Finance Bank can contact me by sms, phone and other means of communication